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Written by: Tino Hernandez

A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.

~Walter Mosley

How would you like to learn from the best minds in the field that you are pursuing? How much would you pay to spend six hours with a leader in your field? How much time would you save to have a mentor that has experience in the field you practice?

I have great news for you! For less than the cost of a dinner for two you can have exactly that.  By now I’m sure you know I’m referring to books. Someone once said that readers are leaders and I think we would be hard pressed to find leaders who don’t read. Now we’re talking about books on sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, goal setting etc. Reading the latest graphic novel is hardly going to help your growth, unless you’re going to be a graphic novelist.

One resource I use is the Read to Lead Podcast. I urge you to visit Jeff Brown at:

Read To Lead Podcast website.

Jeff interviews some of today’s top thought leaders. You won’t regret listening to Jeff’s interviews and gaining new insights into to what’s out there for you to learn.

Happy Reading!

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