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Written by:  Tino Hernandez


This might not work.

– from The Book The Icarus Deception –

This book might not hit its mark, or it might not be direct enough.  I’ve gone outside of my comfort zone in writing and publishing it, and I’m hoping you’ll go out of your comfort zone in reading it.  Seth Godin – The Icarus Deception.

If you’ve read any of my posts you know that I like Seth Godin.  His books never fail in bringing fresh ideas and a renewed sense of energy and purpose to a long day or troubled time.  Today was one of those days.

Truth be told I am writing much later than usual because my motivation has been lacking and my mind struggling with what to “pontificate” about.  I decided that I would put on my headphones and continue to listen to Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception.

After listening for a bit I was struck by something Seth said in the book.  In essence what he said is that we make our art for ourselves.  We go outside of our comfort zone in sharing our vision, our dreams, our thoughts, our feelings, our inner most self.  That is if we truly want to create art.  When Set speaks of art he isn’t just referring to paintings, drawings, music or sculpture, he’s referring to that thing we enjoy, that thing we do at work or play that we do so well we lose ourselves and our sense of time while doing it.

But then the inevitable occurs.  We begin to wonder if anyone is watching, listening, looking or reading.  We begin to think that our art is for the masses.  It’s not, it’s for us.  If there is a certain segment of that mass that finds our art interesting, uplifting or rewarding then all the better.

At times I ask myself why I write this blog.  Of course, the answer is always the same, because It’s my art, its what I love to do.  It’s my creation, my gift to myself and anyone who finds these words useful.

Seth claims that every time we put our art out for all to see when we step outside of our comfort zone and lay bare our innermost self, it is at these times that we learn to better our art, to perfect our art. We make our art worth rewarding be it with increased readers, listeners, followers or even cash rewards.

What is your art?  Are you stepping outside of your comfort zone to share that art in order to perfect that art?  Listen not to the critic, to the naysayer, or to the jealous one who would rather live and operate in mediocrity that to step outside of his comfort zone in order to grow and perfect their art.

What a shame that so many will spend a life or career playing it safe.  There’s no joy in safe, no growth in safe, no art in safe.

What will you do with your art today?


Tino Hernandez





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