There Is No Victory Without Action



Written by:  Tino Hernandez


“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.”

Henry David Thoreau

Why is it that so many want to make a change in their life but so often fail to do so?  In my experience, I would attribute that failure to a lack of action.  We fail to act for a variety of reasons.  Fear, disbelief, past failures just to name a few.

I was listening to Tony Robins and I heard him say something that I’ve heard others say and it goes something like this.  When a child is learning to walk, how many times should he/she continue to try before giving up?  When should that child simply raise his/her hands and say, “this walking thing is too hard so I’m not going to try anymore.”

Sounds silly no?  But that’s what we do to ourselves as we try and realize our own dreams.

If we truly want to achieve something then we must put forth a conscious effort to make it happen.  As I’ve said before, even if it’s baby steps.

If you meet up with failure then try something different but don’t stop trying.  Never stop trying until you reach success.

Tony Robins says that our success isn’t so much about resources, money, smart people to guide us or other things, but a good measure of resourcefulness.  Yes, resourcefulness and it doesn’t cost a thing but some internal energy, thought, and action.

Tino Hernandez

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