Sharing Our Passion


Written by  Tino Hernandez

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel –
February 20, 2017

The internet is filled with all sorts of sayings, ideas, theories, motivational messages both written and recorded.  We are inundated with positive messages that we ignore like the nose on our face.  We’ve become numb to the messages, perhaps even the very ones that I write day in and day out here on  I hope that this won’t be one that you ignore.

Do you have passion?  Have you ever had passion, for what you do, for who you are?  Do you have any degree of passion for your job, career, or business?  Maybe you’re still trying to find your calling, that thing that makes you light up.  If you’re like most, you’re hardly passionate about what you are doing now to make a living.  You’d leave it in a heart beat if you only knew what it is you wanted to do.


I don’t know what you’re passionate about or what it is that makes you tick.  What is it that you enjoy so much that you’d do it for free.  I write this blog 5 days a week because I’m passionate about helping people discover that they have value, that they can achieve their dreams and I do it for free.  I can’t wait to get to my keyboard and write something that inspires me to do better for myself, my family, my community.  I can’t think of another thing that I would rather do to help humanity than this.  This blog helps me fulfill my desire to practice my passion and that makes me feel alive and all of those good feelings just have to be good for my health, my mind, and my future.

The question is; if you have something you’re passionate about are you going to wait to practice it until someone pays you for it?  If so you may be waiting for a long time if not forever.  Then one day your life will be over and you will have lived a passionless life all because you were not willing to share your passion with the world free of charge. We have to be willing to serve before we are served.


We don’t all have the privilege of making our living at what we’re passionate about so we must find another outlet.  Maybe it’s a part-time gig, a volunteer position, a side business, opening your guitar case at the airport while you strum your guitar and sing your favorite songs.  I don’t know what it is for you but you need to go out there and start sharing.

Who knows what might come of it.  Perhaps some day you will receive compensation for practicing your passion and all because you were willing to serve before you were served.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be shared so get sharing.

Tino Hernandez


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