You Won’t Know Until You Try



Written by  Tino Hernandez


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

-Michael Jordan-
March 01, 2017

Listen to audio commentary here. 

One of the most remarkable traits that we human beings have is the ability, desire, and curiosity to try new things.  Just imagine where we would be as a species if we never even tried to walk!

If you watch babies explore the world around them you will see that they do so with all of their senses.  They touch, squeeze, sniff, gaze at, listen to, and taste the world that they live in, and they do this without the thought of “what might go wrong.”

As that child begins to grow society and family begin to set limitations on the child to the point that you have become unable to try something different in your life, even though you know and desperately need a change.

On yesterday’s post, I put up an audio file of that day’s post.  I recorded and uploaded it to the site, then afterward my instincts began to tell me to take it down.  It’s not good enough, you stumbled over some words and you could have made it shorter and on and on and on my mind raced.  But I didn’t give in.  I keep telling you all that whatever it is you want to do does not have to be perfect, it just has to be shared.  I kept telling myself that I would not know if posting audio would be good or bad until I tried.  So far I’m doing ok, the economy hasn’t collapsed, and the sun arose this morning all over the world. Whew!

Don’t be afraid to try something new because in doing so you will learn new things and gain more confidence.  There’s a lot of learning and growing that you can accomplish if you just try.  You really won’t know how far you can go until you try.

Tino Hernandez


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