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Written by  Tino Hernandez


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Will Durant
March 6, 2017

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The first I ever heard of a USP was from Jay Abraham in his series, Your Hidden Treasure. A USP or Unique Selling Proposition is something you’ll hear more of in the areas of sales and marketing. If you are not in either of these fields, then you may be asking yourself, what does a USP have to do with me? If you are in sales or marketing then you might be thinking you already know all about USP. I hope that both camps will indulge me as I try and lay out how a USP is relevant to us all.


This may be news to you, but even if you are of the mind that you hate sales and marketing, that it is something you would never dream of doing, selling is something that you do all of the time. Your last job interview was a sales pitch for you incorporated. The last paragraph that I wrote was a sales pitch to keep you reading. Trying to get the office party to take place at your favorite watering hole is a sales pitch. What you do every day at your job or in your business also is a sales pitch.


It’s at this point that I want to make something clear. My goal here at is not to elevate the Harvard MBA, the million dollar salesperson, or the successful CEO into their next home run. Mostly because that is not who or what I am, my goal here is to help the average Joe, or Jane, myself included, to reach the next level in their life, career, or business through personal growth that enables us to see the value we bring to the table. I urge you to keep reading and take what works for you and run with it. One last word and that is to our upper-level executives that read this blog,  I am humbled that you are here. Please know that there is a whole world of regular men and women who desire growth and advancement and are actively seeking its attainment.  For their betterment and that of the companies that they work for.


What exactly does a USP look like? Have you heard of Krispy Kreme Donuts? Krispy Kreme is famous for their fresh donuts. They make them right in front of you at their stores! I just learned of a woman named Buffy who runs a tax service she calls Buffy The Taxslayer which is quite a unique business name. When I was a kid I had a friend named Jill, Jill’s mom was unique in that the neighborhood kids knew her because she was a cashier at the local market. Jill’s mom was the only mom I knew that was one of us. She would show up at the park and play ball with us, she would sit on her front steps and just talk with us kids, she called us all by name when we bought candy at the local market. All of these are examples of a Unique Selling Proposition or USP.


We are all unique, and we all have something to offer our employer, customers, and families. You need to find out what your USP is and capitalize on that. You will feel much better about yourself once you have identified and practice your USP.  I will elaborate further on the audio portion of this post. I hope that you’ll join me on the audio side.


Tino Hernandez

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