Change by Leaps and Bounds


Written by  Tino Hernandez

The only thing holding you back from becoming the kind of person who changes things is is this: lack of faith.

-From the book Tribes by Seth Godin-

March 7, 2017

Listen to commentary on today’s post here. 

Seth goes on the include faith that you can do something, faith that it’s worth doing, and faith that failing won’t destroy you.

A few days ago I wrote that we all deal with fear and that fear drives us to do, or not do, many things.

It really is all in our mind, isn’t it?  Once we’ve decided to step beyond the thought or the feeling that is paralyzing us we find the freedom to move forward, to take the chance, to take the leap of faith into a whole new experience.

The question is, how long will we hang onto that lack of faith or fear before we take the steps we know we need to take?  Because it all happens in an instant.  You’re faithless and fearful for months and then in the blink of an eye you decide and that’s it. You jump in and sink or swim.

We are funny creatures that way.  It’s like we have to keep feeling the lack of faith and the fear, get comfortable with it then get uncomfortable with it and jump.  That last part, the being uncomfortable and then taking the leap, that all happens in a moment.

Practice having faith in yourself by making some small changes, putting forward new ideas, learning new ways to think and share it all with the world.  Then later you can make those really big leaps and bounds that change the world.

Tino Hernandez

PS.  I struggled with posting tonight’s audio because it wasn’t to my satisfaction.  Fear will do that to us.  It drives us down so that we do not put out what we can share.  We hold back and sometimes for too long and then the opportunity is gone.  Don’t kill your future with self-criticism, fear, and a faithless outlook.


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