The Power of Knowing Yourself


Written by  Tino Hernandez

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.


Greek Philosopher, Mathematician, and Astronomer 


March 13, 2017

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Ther modern workplace is a battlefield of competition and self-doubt.  Everyone vying to out-do the other guy and gal, proving oneself to the powers that be and all the while ignoring the one person with whom we should most be in tune with, and that being ourselves.

If we are to operate at out best then we must begin an inner dialog and search for who we really are, our strengths, weaknesses, virtues, and other sundry things that operate within our minds and hearts.

In the past 2 years, I have taken no less than three self-assessment tests.  The DISC profile,  Strengths Finder 2.0, and The Core Capacities Index.  I was surprised at the similarities in all of their findings.

I urge you to find any one of these great tools and begin your quest to better know yourself.

You can find Strengths Finder when you purchase the book, Strengths Finder 2.0.

The DISC can be found at

I cannot recall how I came across the Core Capacities Index but it was my least favorite.  I would highly recommend Strengths Finder 2.0 as a starting point.

They say that knowledge is power and in the quest to become the best you that you can be, knowing who we are at our core is truly a step in the right direction.  We all have some understanding of who we are, but to have it articulated on an easy to read report is truly eye-opening.

I’d be thrilled to know if you take any one of these exams and your thoughts on the outcome that you receive.

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Tino Hernandez


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