Are you a winner or a loser?



Written by Tino Hernandez


“Losers quit when they’re tired, winners quit when they’ve won.”

Sign I saw in a store

March 22, 2017

Can I be honest with you today?  I’ve been struggling with what to write about and for the most part, I just didn’t want to do it.  Today I even told a good friend that I was ready to quit writing.  It’s been a tough week so far, I’m tired, working full time, attending to life, then coming home and spending a couple of hours writing for this blog.

You can relate no?  You’ve been exactly where I am right now.  Ready to stop whatever it is you’ve been putting your heart into.  The rewards are just not coming in quickly enough and you wonder if it isn’t just a waste of your time.  Forgive me for being so honest because I know that you come here for something uplifting.  Truth be told I write for that same reason, to read something uplifting.

Each day I begin to write what little thought came to mind and I grow it into something that I can use to better myself, and in the process, I hope that it helps you too.  After dinner tonight I sat in front of my shelf full of books. I looked at each title hoping for inspiration, for a nugget that I could build upon and bring to life here on and I found nothing…nothing.  Nothing to share with you, nothing to offer our readers.  Then the self-doubt sets in.

I walked away feeling a little down when I received a text from my brother.  With my phone in hand, I began to look at the pictures on my phone when I came across one of a sign I saw in a store last year.

“Losers quit when they’re tired”….like I’m tired tonight?  “Winners quit when they’ve won”…like I work diligently for this blog to become?  Funny how life shakes us awake at just the right time and in just the right way.

So I asked myself the question, which choice would I make tonight?  Would I hang up my keyboard and forget the whole thing or would I listen to the words of my friend and follow the course I knew I needed to follow?  A course of action that will cost time and effort, thought and creativity?  By now the answer is obvious and the obvious question now is…where are you?

Are you feeling like I was?  Are you ready to quit?  Are you feeling like there will never be a payoff?  Like no one really cares how much effort you put into it?  Are you beginning to think that your idea was a bad idea?  Are the ideas you had losing their shine?  Has the inspiration that you once felt been flushed down the toilet?

I guess that it’s time to ask the question.  Are you a winner or a loser?  Because when you answer that question you’ll know what to do.

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