Do You Hate Monday Mornings?


Written by Tino Hernandez

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

Brian Tracy

April 3, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!  It’s time to get our heads out of the clouds and hit the ground running.  What is that you say, you’re not ready for Monday?  Let’s talk about that for a moment.

I’m sure that the work week may take an extreme amount of your energy, and the weekend is a welcomed reprieve from the stresses of the workweek.  Here’s something we can all use to better our Mondays.  Did you know that successful people have a few habits that they use to prepare for Monday?

  1. Go to bed on Sunday night at a decent hour.  Don’t try and squeeze every hour out of the weekend or else you’ll pay for it on Monday.  The body needs rest and Sunday night is not the time to deprive our bodies of it.
  2. Eat well.  Eat a good meal on Sunday evening and avoid the junk.  Come Monday morning grab a healthy breakfast to get those engines going.  No, a giant cup of coffee is NOT a healthy breakfast.
  3. Exercise.  On Sunday take a good brisk walk, go to the gym, play ball with the kids, or go for a short bike ride.  Exercise fills you with good feeling endorphins that will help you get through your next Monday.
  4. Watch your body language.  We are all aware of body language and how people can read ours and we theirs, but did you realize that your body language also speaks to your mind and moods?  Walk in tall and happy and that will help you tackle the challenges of Monday morning.
  5. This one is a pre-Monday habit that can make Monday easier to deal with.  Before the end of the day on Friday make your to-do lists and organize your work area.  This way when you arrive on Monday you won’t stress about what you have to tackle first and not be able to find that all important file that you left on your desk “somewhere.”

Happy Monday everyone!  Remember, tomorrow is already Tuesday!

Tino Hernandez

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