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Tino Hernandez


It feels nice to feel inspired.  It feels amazing to be inspired by our work.

-Simon Sinek from his book: Together is Better –

April 5, 2017

This idea is core to the vision I imagine: to build a world in which the vast majority of us wake up every single morning inspired to go to work.  Feel safe when we’re there and return home fulfilled at the end of the day – Simon Sinek from his book: Together is Better –

I recently sat in on a meeting in which a manager from a very large world-wide company was training a group of other managers.  As I sat there, completely immersed in his talk, I realized that many of the thoughts, ideas, and strategies he spoke of were some of the same thoughts and ideas on leadership that I’ve posted here on  I was very excited about that!

Where did I get these thoughts and ideas?  From leading people for over forty years is one, but more importantly from other leaders and thinkers who have written about their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Much of what I practice in leadership has come from the pages penned by other leaders. Here’s another quote from Together is Better:

A boss has the title. A leader has the people. Simon Sinek.

Isn’t that great?  Doesn’t that just speak to you?  In those few words lay the foundation to true and inspired leadership!  This is why I’m always telling everyone to read, read, read.  You just never know how what you read can change your life!

In 40 plus years of working with people, and from the experiences, thoughts, and ideas from leaders in books, I have come to this one conclusion.  Everything revolves around people.  Nothing we have created, invented or improved upon has happened without people.  People from every walk of life, people with numerous degrees, people with high school diplomas, people with no more than a grade school education, and people with no education what so ever have made the world that we see today.

It’s about high time that we realize that we need one another and that not one of us is any better than the other.  Leaders have the privilege of leading, of truly leading, and followers have the privilege of following to create a better workplace, a better community, and better families.

Is it possible to have the world that Simon envisions?  Can we learn to work together no matter where we are on the corporate or societal ladder?  I believe that we can if we believe in the dream, believe in ourselves, and believe in others.

I’ll leave you with one more quote from Together is Better:

It is a luxury to put our interests first.  It is an honor to put the interests of others before ourselves.  From the book Together is Better by Simon Sinek.

Thanks Simon for such an awesome book!

Tino Hernandez

I highly encourage to go out and get Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better.  I finished the whole book in about 45 minutes and loved every page.


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