Your Passion, Your Grit, Your Success!


Written by Tino Hernandez

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream.

-Tommy Hilfiger-

April 11, 2017

Have you ever heard the term, the stars are aligned?  Like the cosmos is just waiting for you to take the world by the horns and it’s going to do everything in its power to make sure it all goes according to your plan?  That happened to me today, again.

I was driving to work today while listening to an audio book entitled; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.  When I read or listen to books on tape I’m often struck by a thought or phrase that I may end up writing about here at  The author spoke of how Stev often said that without passion there is little motivation.  I thought about that for a bit and then returned my attention to the narrator reading; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

Fast forward a number of hours and I’m cutting up an English Cucumber to add to my not so bad attempt at cooking a knock-off of one of my favorite eating places, Roti – Mediterranean Grill here in the Suburbs of Chicago.  Great place if you want something tasty and different.  Dinner was pretty good if I say so myself.

As I was preparing dinner I played some videos on my phone of different Ted talks.  If you haven’t heard a Ted talk then I encourage you to visit  One of the first videos I played was of Angela Lee Duckworth as she spoke of, you guessed it!  Passion and perseverance!  Hence the stars being aligned and the heavens opening up with what I needed to write about today. Angela calls it Grit which she defines as the passion of sticking to it no matter what it takes. The passion of staying the course no matter how long it takes. Angela further asserts that her study revealed that grit even trumps knowledge and ability!  Go figure, the little guy who is determined to win and keeps on trying until he does win.

You can watch Angela Lee Duckworth’s Ted talk below.


The point today is that how will we stick to anything that we lack passion for?  Do you believe that the Wright Brothers had a passion for building a manned flying machine?  Did Michael Jordan have a passion for baseball?  Not!  Does Paul McCartny have a passion for music?  Did Steve Jobs have a passion for, as he would say, making a dent in the world?  I think we know the answers to these questions.

I have one important question for you.  What are you passionate about to the level that you will do it for free?  What are you doggedly pursuing to the exclusion of other pursuits in your life? Are you paying attention to yourself in order to find your passion, or are you just existing and wondering why you feel so unfulfilled? I believe that once we can answer this one question then we will have found our passion, our grit and determination, once we have our passion we will travel the road to our success no matter what that road might look like.

Tino Hernandez

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