The Secret To A Better Future Revealed…Really.


Written by Tino Hernandez

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein-

April 12, 2017

How often have you said something like,  I wish I could have known back then what I know now?

This is something we may say when we’re lamenting a poor decision that we’ve made in the past and that has impacted our days since that fateful decision. Sometimes those decisions were mere blips on our life’s radar and sometimes those decisions were life changing.

What if I told you that there is a way that you can know now what you’ll know then?  What if I could reveal to you a secret that could almost guarantee you’ll make better decisions and have a better future?  Is that something that would interest you? Then read on my friend because I’m about to reveal that secret.

Have I ever told you about Dan?  I met with Dan way back in the late 90’s when I was a young and inexperienced salesman, actually I was an awful salesman.  I found Dan on a day I was making cold calls and Dan was kind enough to see me and listen to my pitch.  Nevermind that he never said hello, shook my hand or looked me in the eye while I spoke.  After I gave him my best sales pitch Dan sat back in his chair, gave a deep sigh, and told me that I had just given the WORST sales presentation he had ever heard.  He wasn’t so pleasant and used many colorful words to describe my sales pitch.

After tearing me to shreds Dan proceeded to put me back together.  Once he had finished he handed me a tape set by Earl Nightengale and told me not to come back until I had finished listening and learning.  Once I was done we would discuss what I had learned.

Dan Changed my life.  I was a total stranger and this man, in his 50’s, took the time to invest his experience in me.  That year I earned $10,000 more than I had ever earned in my life thanks to the lessons I learned from Dan.

There’s a world of people, books, seminars, and YouTube videos out there that can increase your experience for almost no cost except your time.  I can also guarantee that, unlike Dan, these sources of information are not going to insult you in the process.  God bless you, Dan!

Dan was a good man and he taught me soo much in the short months we spent together. When Dan ripped me apart that first time I didn’t run and hide with my tail between my legs, I stood there and was willing to learn from someone who was more experienced than I was, someone who had achieved more success than I had, and someone who was willing to share that experience with me.

There are many seasoned people out there that are willing to share if you’ll just start asking questions and listening to the answers.  Take it from someone who’s lived over half a century, these people have much to share if someone is a good listener, willing to learn, and willing to apply what they are being taught.

It is possible to fast forward your experience if you’re willing to seek out those with experience.

Tino Hernandez


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