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I hope that I’m always struggling, really. You develop when you’re struggling. When you’re struggling, you get stronger.

-Andrew Garfield-

April 13, 2017

Look closely at the picture of the daredevil jumping his bike for the thrill of a lifetime. What do you see?  I see a rider who probably weighs some 150 pounds, a bike that weighs in at some 30 pounds, and a lifeline that is holding all of this up commonly referred to as a spoke.  Spokes are the thin metal straw looking things that emanate from the center of the wheel. There are actually some 64 or more spokes as each wheel has 32 spokes or more.

Let me tell you a little about spokes.  Spokes hold the entire wheel together which is what holds up the bicycle and its rider.  Now I don’t want to bore you to death talking about spokes, but if you will read on you’ll soon see how they are relevant to us in our own lives.

In order for spokes to do their job, they have to create an enormous amount of stress against one another, against the wheel itself, and against the hub or the center of the wheel.  Without all of this planned stress, the wheel would simply not work.  Sometimes these stresses weaken or loosen and the wheel becomes unusable because it cannot maintain it’s perfect spherical shape without the high stress.

Can I see a show of hands held high for anyone who enjoys their own personal times of stress or struggle?  Anyone?  We never like the stressors or struggles that we encounter in life as we move along on our way to our golden years.  Sometimes these stressors or struggles make us better for having lived through them.  Gravity itself is stressing our bodies as it presses us against the earth.  Without this stress, we would simply float away. The electrical impulses that work your heart cause it to press against itself in order to pump blood throughout your body and thank goodness for that, right?  Without this stress, we would die.

Next time that you ride a bike think of the things in your life that cause you stress but are actually making you stronger because of it, and if you decide to go around jumping that bike, please wear a helmet because the stress of hitting the ground with your head is not going to be good in any way.   When stress comes your way, and this is not going to be easy, look for how this stress or struggle might make you stronger, better, or smarter.

Tino Hernandez

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