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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

-Joel A. Barker-

I hope that you all had the opportunity to read Friday’s post UPDATE: New Look – More Content  There I explained all about our new look here at MetroFactor.net among other things.  Today I want to share with you what you are a part of here at MetroFactor.net.

You see, every Monday through Friday people from all over the globe are landing here and reading what we are sharing and learning from.  I see readers from South America, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Chile, and throughout the United States of America just to name a few.

My vision is to reach as many people with a positive message that they can use to make their life better.  I am asking those of you who find MetroFactor.NET on social media to visit the web page directly. You can do that here MetroFactor.net . Once there you can share the site, pin it, tweet it share it on Linkedin, or email it.  The point is to share it.

Today I chose a quote that talks about vision and action.  I don’t know how you feel about making a dent in the world or how you might even begin to do that, but I am giving all of you the opportunity to do just that with me.  Our numbers are growing and just a number of days ago we hit almost 300 readers in one day!  I am asking you to help me double that number in the next week!  If we work together we can do it.  Share the link www.MetroFactor.net

I’ll keep you posted and like I always say, sometimes you have to ask for help in order to achieve your goals…please help me prove this point to all of our readers.

Please join me at this link A Success Habit We didn’t Know We Were Doing? as I again touch on Focus and what an awesome tool it is and how we all have it at our disposal.  I love this topic and again I find it to be deeper than I ever imagined.  By the way.  I am NOT linking that post to social media today as I don’t want to post 2 items.  Find it at the following link A Success Habit We didn’t Know We Were Doing?

Please bare with me as I navigate the best way to get all of the great new items I’m working on in front of everyone.  I guess that the best way for you to find everything that I’m working on is by going directly to metrofactor.net .

Thank You!



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