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Buster Moon from the movie Sing


You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom?  There’s only one way left to go and that’s up!

-Buster Moon-

Let’s be honest here for a bit, sometimes you just feel deflated, all hope is gone, is there any reason to keep trying?  If this is you then you need to watch Sing.  Some of you more “serious” types are going to tune me out about now because I just referred to a children’s movie as something we should watch for motivation.  LOL!  You’re funny.  Bare with me for a few more lines, please.

In the movie Sing, the main character is a small Koala Bear named Buster Moon.  Buster’s theater falls on hard times and it looks like Buster is about finished, done, kaput.  But this spunky little Koala Bear is so full of optimism that if you’re not careful it may rub off on you.  You see, animation like this is uplifting because there is a ring of truth to it.  Deep down we know, we feel it, we sense that if we could only be more like Buster Moon, we’d be happier, more fulfilled, and more successful.

Just Like Buster Moon, we’re all striving for something and we all face adversity on our way to our goals. Sing is an uplifting movie worth watching and sharing with others. If for no other reason, watch the movie so that you can listen to the many wonderful and motivational words that come out of Buster’s mouth.  Like this one: “Do what you love and you won’t be afraid anymore because you love doing it.”  Holy motivational truths Batman!  This little guy’s onto something!

If you haven’t watched the movie, I highly recommend that you do, and do it with a pen and paper close by because you’ll want to take notes.

Who knew we could learn so much from a cartoon?!?!?!?  Seriously, I promise!

Watch the clip and enjoy!

Tino Hernandez

Find clip at: MetroFactor.net



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