The Price We Pay For Living Fast


Moving so quickly through life we lose our balance.

We’re so marinated in the culture of speed that we almost fail to notice the toll it takes on every aspect of our lives – on our health, our diet, our work, our relationships, the environment and our community.

-Carl Honore-

During my morning ritual today I found myself wondering what day it was.  It took a few seconds for my brain to remind me that it was Wednesday.  My next thought was, wow it’s almost the weekend.  I found myself looking forward to the next few days going by so that I could enjoy the coming weekend.

Have you ever found yourself hoping for the week to end so that the weekend could begin?  That’s sad no?  I found myself thinking that I just had to slow down, be patient and enjoy a day that once it was over, I would never relive again.  We only have so many days to live, how can we think that it’s ok to rush through them so as to live for only two of seven days?  The thought came to me again, slow down dude.

As I sat at the breakfast table having my quick bowl of cereal I tuned into and chose the first video that caught my attention,  That video was of Carl Honore as he spoke to the Ted crowd about his book: In Praise of Slowness.

Later in the morning,  I overheard someone at the office talking about a former co-worker and how slowly she did things.  This seemed to have caused him much consternation.  It was at that point that I realized that I just had to write about what I had just learned From Carl Honore.

On the Ted video, Carl spoke of the time when he first began to realize that he was moving too fast and missing life.  This when he found himself trying to speed read bedtime stories to his son.  I guess we can all agree that what was being lost was quality time with his young boy, time that he could never regain again.  Carl later learned that someone had written a book called the one-minute bedtime story.  Carl was elated, until the moment he realized that something was very wrong with his desire to speed his way through his son’s bedtime ritual.

Carl states that many of us like speed, like a fast ride, an amusement park rollercoaster like high we get from moving through the air very quickly.  Our modern life is making us crazy, losing precious unregainable time all in an effort to do things quickly and get on to the next thing.

Carl Does a great job of describing how he had to come to grips with what he was doing to himself, his friends, and family and what he did to regain some sanity in his life.

Many are stressed these days, as I wrote about yesterday If You’re Not Careful, This is Going to Kill You and Your Dreams. , and Carl has a great message we should all hear.  Someone once said that we have to slow down and smell the roses, let’s resolve to slow down and enjoy life.

Tino Hernandez


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