Getting Back Up When You’re Down


At times it may feel safer to stay down for the count

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention. Greg Anderson

-Greg Anderson-

Our thoughts are a wonderful thing, and our thoughts are also a terrible thing. But that all depends on what you are focused on. I’ve written about focus before, and I even gave a book away relating to the Power of Focus. Let’s take the topic of focus and apply it to our emotions, which in turn paint our attitude and outlook which in turn affects our success. This can get messy but let’s try and clear it up.

How do you feel today? Do you feel refreshed by life, your success, and your pursuit of the good life you’re working to achieve? Maybe you’re feeling deflated by life, your lack of success, and you don’t even know what the good life looks like?  You’re feeling sort of like a boxer lying on the mat while the ref counts to ten. Whatever feelings you’re filled with today are a result of the things that you’re focused on.  If you’re having success, then you’re focused on the things that made that success happen. If you’re feeling down, then you’re focusing on the things that are preventing the success that you seek.

It’s now time to change your focus. It’s time to focus on the outcome that you’re looking for, the end game. What should success look like? You have to bring yourself out of the dump and back to the mountaintop. You might be saying, “here we go with the positive thinking thing. Maybe success isn’t for everyone, we can’t all be winners.”  You’re right about that, absolutely right about that.  But I believe that you can have success!


The great majority of those competing with you are not attempting to better their situation by reading material like  Many are flying by the seat of their pants while you’re being proactive about your success.  Success isn’t based on luck you know, it has to be a part of your plan but that’s an entirely different blog post!

Step one is to have a real vision of the end game. That vision should pump you up,  if this vision does not, then go back to the drawing board until the vision excites you. Once you have that, then it’s time to focus on the why. Why do you want to succeed in this endeavor?  If you’re why doesn’t excite you then you will most likely give up before success is attained.


It really is that easy but then again it really is that difficult.  We all get down and then we have to pick ourselves back up.  This takes a real effort on our part and sometimes we would rather wallow in our misery than to work to get back on our horse.


I’ll illustrate what I mean.  Have you ever been in a heightened emotional state when something distracts you and you forget about the state you were just in?  That’s it!  That’s the moment you have to capture!  That’s the key to getting back on your horse!  Here are the facts though.  You didn’t forget about what had you emotional, you focused on the distraction.  Once the distraction was removed,  your emotions probably returned because you refocused on it. If you really had forgotten about it then you would not have returned to that emotional state.  You simply changed your focus and your emotions followed!  Isn’t that great?  Now imagine what you could do if you changed your focus on purpose!


I know that this isn’t easy but it is the answer and we have to practice to get better at it.  Sometimes it may feel easier to stay down for the count but we both know that is not the path to success.


Tino Hernandez

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