The High Cost of Negative Influence..and The Solution.


Negative influence impacts our whole life

The people that you have around you are your biggest influence.

-RJ Mitte-

From Influence – The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others:  Her mother’s influence made her stay.

The world around us filled with negative influence.  If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably already fed up with it. Every morning my alarm goes off to the local Chicago news station and every day the first 3 minutes or more are dedicated to the tragedy of the previous day.  Every day someone at work will complain about things I have no control over,  every day something goes wrong, something has been broken, someone has died, and something has altered the course of humanity forever.  It’s enough to make you want to crawl under a rock and hide.  Truth be told all of this negative influence is killing us!

When we look at our lives, we can always find something to be regretful for, something left undone, someone whom we hurt deeply.  There’s always negative energy just waiting to grab our attention and influence our day, our circumstances, and our life in a negative fashion.  There is no relief from the constant pounding from the many things just waiting to take all of our energy from us, an energy that is never to been seen or used by us again, it is lost and gone forever.

Now that you’re totally feeling like the world is collapsing around you… think of this.

Every day there’s something good to think about, someone good to have lunch with, and something that can be done to make your future better.

We can be grateful for the home that we have, the family that loves us, the friend who is always there.  We can think about the future that we desire, the good times we’ve had, the opportunity for change that we can control for a better tomorrow.

We can come to to find a good word that will carry us on to the next victory no matter how big or small.  Positive energy, like a healthy garden, has to be cultivated, it has to be cared for, it has to be fed.  We have to find things that have a positive influence over us and by reading, and other content like this, you’re putting positive energy back into your life.

If you truly desire to change your life, then healthy and positive influence is a must.  Energy gets spent and must be replaced, that’s why you feed your body three times a day.  What about your mind and spirit?  Are they starving for positive and healthy influence?

You’re being bombed by negative influence all of the time, even when you’re not aware of it.  You have to push back by seeking out positive influence, quite time to relax, and quiet time to think and be alone.

I often ask you to share with your circle of influence, and I’m going to ask again.  Why?  Because it will make you feel good to know that you’re sharing positive influence with the people in your life.  You need to begin a discussion about what you read and learn.  This is cultivating the positive influence so that it will take root and grow.  It is NOT enough to read these words then go away and forget them. You must digest them by thinking about them and sharing them with others.

I keep saying that to grow and have success you must take action.  Start sharing and discussing what you read here and on other sites and you will begin to see a difference in your outlook, your feelings, and in your world.

Tino Hernandez

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