SPECIAL REPORT: The World of The Sanitary Worker Exposed!


They have a reason to win, they have a mission.

Without me, the world would be a dirty place.

-Tino Hernandez-

I seldom write anything that’s “industry specific, ” but today I’m breaking that rule.

In the coming days, I will go and meet with a sanitation team that is, shall we say, having some issues.  I don’t yet know what those issues are, nor do I know what has caused them to be facing the challenges that they are facing.  What I do know is that in my fifteen years of working in the cleaning and sanitation field, most that work therein need encouragement.

When I meet the team, the following is what I plan to start with.

I have cleaned everything from hospitals to nursing homes, classrooms to boardrooms, FDA to USDA, warehouses to outhouses, and beyond.  I have worked with sanitary workers from all walks of life and education levels,  with varying degrees of expertise and experience, and with all levels of motivation for what they do.  After all of this, I can honestly say that sanitary workers are under appreciated, their value misunderstood, and their contribution diminished.

I can also say that being a sanitary worker takes a certain personality and drive.  It takes a certain mindset to push oneself forward through the ungodly task of cleaning the mess other workers, more appreciated and celebrated, left behind.

Sanitarians are a force, an army whose mission is to fight the enemy, an invisible enemy that does not stop, does not rest, that knows no borders, that lives and breaths and whose sole purpose is to overrun the environment in which we attempt to produce our goods, quality goods, safe goods that are used and consumed by human beings of all ages.

This enemy hides in every corner and crevice and is carried about by people and pests alike.  This army of sanitarians must enter a field of battle rife with dried meats hanging in places most don’t know exist, must climb heights that most would never dare, must remove dried sugars, oils, fats, and even blood, and must do so under tight time constraints.  Their work may be evaluated beyond what the human eye can see, with instruments that will judge their ability to win the battle over the unseen.

Their job takes more human effort and thought than pushing buttons, stacking boxes, or lining up bottles. Their job is of paramount importance.  It doesn’t matter how expensive the equipment is, how advanced its features are, how it moves at blazing production speeds if that equipment contaminates our product then it’s lights out.  Now you have a product that may be unusable at best, sick or dead people at worst.  It is the sole mission of every sanitary worker to fight a battle that he/she cannot afford to lose.  At stake are profits, jobs, whole companies, and lives.

As a sanitary worker, you will not find glory, no one will pin a medal on your chest, most will never understand the challenge that you face, except one.  Your fellow sanitarian.  It is you who must encourage and challenge your mate to be their best, ever vigilant, and proud of the work that he/she does.  From one another you must take your pride, your worth, you are a brotherhood and sisterhood of soldiers most may never understand, recognize, or applaud.  But you have a job to do, an enemy to eradicate each and every day, and you my friend cannot lose and you will not lose because you are better than the enemy.

The enemy lives, breaths and populates at an unbelievable rate, but you have the will to win, a plan to win, and the tools to overcome and you will if you encourage one another and believe to the depths of your soul that the modern world is livable, healthy, and productive because you exist, with little fanfare, mediocre compensation, and forever misunderstood.  You have what most do not, you have a mission, a mission to keep the world clean, healthy and safe.

Thank you for your service and I am proud to be counted among the brotherhood of men and women who do what most will not.

Tino Hernandez


Attention Sanitarians and other sanitary workers: Thank you all for your overwhelming response to my blog post, SPECIAL REPORT: The World of The Sanitary Worker Exposed. You can find it here: https://lnkd.in/etsQY-P

Join me On May 12, 2017, for the unveiling of something new and exciting for the Army of Sanitarians that serve the greater good of food processing companies the world over. I invite you to be a part of something new and exciting, something that has been absent for too long. I will give you all more details as the date approaches. In the mean time please share the SPECIAL REPORT with as many sanitarians as possible. You can also go directly to my website and find it in the NEWS section at www.MetroFactor.net Your Partner in the invisible war.

Contact me here because I would love to hear your story.

Tino Hernandez

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