Everything Happens For A Reason, Right?


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


In her book, Everything Happens for a Reason, Mira Kirshenbaum shows us how to find meaning in the events that befall us in life.  As we make our way through life, we experience events that make us ask, why?  Why did this happen to me?

Mira asserts that events do not come stamped with the reasons that they happen to us, but that we must seek out the answers ourselves if we are ever to be at peace with these events.  It’s as if life itself takes the events in our lives and slaps us with a wakeup call that should get us to thinking, thinking about deep-seated needs that we have neglected for a long time but that, none the less, bother us and keep us from living a fulfilled life.

Life events don’t always tell us what it is that we must change, add, or delete from our life.  Mira shows how two people that experience very similar tragedies can come away with totally different meanings for the reason it occurred.

In the book, Everything Happens for a Reason, we learn that there are ten meanings, as Ms. Kirshenbaum puts it, that we can extract from the happenings in our lives.   What I enjoyed most knowing these ten meanings is that, even if you have not suffered tragedy, by knowing these ten meanings we can begin to look to fulfill them in our own lives before we experience tragedy.

I have listed below the ten reasons as Mira Kirshenbaum has discovered them.

  1. To help you feel at home in this world
  2. To help you totally accept yourself
  3. To show you can let go of fear
  4. To bring you to forgiveness
  5. To uncover a hidden talent
  6. To give you what you need to find true love
  7. To help you discover the play in life
  8. To help you become stronger
  9. To show you how to live with a sense of mission
  10. To help you become a truly good person

This blog is too short to explain these ten meanings, so I urge you to look for the book and spend some quite time reading it, thereby learning more about what meanings your life events are trying to teach you.

Find Mira Kirshenbaum here.


Tino Hernandez

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