Who Defines Your Success and Growth?


If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

-Tony Robbins-

How often have you heard someone say something similar to what Tony Robbins said about growth?  Tony describes growth as one of the six human needs. We hear advice like this, we roll up our sleeves, and dig ourselves even deeper into the rat race attempting to become something of significance for the world to see.  Surely this is not what we mean when we say, “if I’m not growing I’m dying.”

I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll say it again, only you can define what success, or growth, looks like to you.  We can’t live someone else’s definition of success and growth, we must live our own.  Failure to do so will leave a big hole in your soul that you’ll spend the rest of your days trying to fill, but you won’t be able to.  Why?

That hole will remain because you will try and fill it with everything but the one thing that hole was designed for, your very own definition of success and growth.  If you ever do realize why that hole is there, and you take the necessary steps to make changes that will place your definition of success squarely into that hole, then you will feel a sense of having arrived.  But why do that to yourself?  Why wait until that future day to fulfill your destiny?

Find your own definition of success and growth now, cultivate it, enjoy it to the fulfillment of your life, then share your gift with the world.  That is the reason we should be growing in the first place.

How exactly will you accomplish this?  I wish I had an easy answer for you, but I don’t.  As I have said before, read books, attend seminars about how to develop yourself, take a self-directed assessment so that you can learn what makes you tick, visit  My Favorite Books list here.  The key is to begin and do something now because time slips by very quickly.

Remember, success is yours to define.  If money plays little part in your definition then so be it.  If living among millionaires while helping those in need is your definition, then you have grown into success on your terms, and that’s the idea.  Whatever your definition of success and growth looks like, you will experience a deep sense of satisfaction on the journey to defining and achieving your success and growth.

Tino Hernandez

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