Keep Chasing That Dream


Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

-Napoleon Hill-

Have you watched the movie Founder?  It is the story of the man, Ray Kroc, who took McDonalds from a good idea to a global empire.  Ray faced many challenges on his journey to the top, just like we face many challenges to the top of whatever mountain we are trying to climb.

In 1987 I landed what I then considered a pretty cushy job.  I was making more than I had in my young life, and the company offered some solid benefits that made it an attractive place in which to work.  Fast forward to 1992, and you’ll see me in my bosses office learning that my position has been eliminated effective in thirty days.

Anyone who’s ever been there knows the dread and fear that accompanies such an announcement.  But that day something was born inside of me.  I felt the deepest desire to own and operate a business of my own.  I spent the next 10 years trying o find that one thing that I could and wanted to do.  I finally found it and started a cleaning operation in 2003.

In the movie Founder, Ray Kroc; played by Michael Keaton, asks the question: How does a lowly milkshake machine salesman become the CEO of a worldwide corporation like McDonalds?  Persistence.

Like Ray,  I never gave up looking for my business.  Unlike Ray, I never became a multimillionaire.  In both cases, you could say that it is well attributable to persistence.  I had the persistence to keep looking, but when I sold the business in 2007, I had abandoned my persistence.

Whatever dream you’re chasing, don’t give up due to the challenges that you face, but be persistent in its attainment.

Tino Hernandez

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