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Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.

-Roger Ebert-

Emotions seem to be on my radar as of late, and before the end of today’s post, you’ll understand why.

It appears that what we do, who we are, the way that we interact with the world around us, is governed by emotions and more specifically our own emotions.  We are driven by our emotions.  Back in the 1970’s, someone came up with the slogan, “if it feels good, do it.”  These days we read that and feel it is a somewhat self-centered ideal.  But is it really?

If we think about this idea of being governed and driven by our emotions, then carefully examine ourselves during the course of our day, we’ll see that it is actually true, our emotions are always there, just below the surface of our thoughts and actions.

We owe it to ourselves to understand what makes us tick and how we can take control of all of those elements.  I believe, and human history might show this to be true, that those who have planned, worked at, and achieved their goals had control of their emotions.  Failure to do so will result in a life that is lived haphazardly and with no direction.

Before I leave you I want to explain why emotions have kept popping up everywhere I go these days. It has appeared in conversations with people, on personal growth audio that I have been listening to, and even a fine little book that seemed so out of place on a bookshelf among other work related materials. That book entitled Emotion Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves.

Lst week I purchased the book Emotional Intelligence by Dr. David Walton and as I have mentioned the topic keeps showing up all around me.  I believe that it’s all about focus. I have been looking forward to reading this book, wich has followed me around for days now, never being too far from my side.

I wrote about focus a few posts ago, Find that here., and learning to manage our focus can reap great rewards on our road to success.  My mind has obviously been focused on the topic of this book, and in the world around me, my mind has highlighted the instances where the topic was alive right in front of me. Had my mind not been primed towards emotional intelligence I would have missed these real life instances altogether.

Tony Robbins says that “where focus goes, energy flows.”  What will your mind be focused on today, this week, and in the months to come?  How will you guide your emotions to better achieve your goals?  By consciously deciding how you will control these two forces, you stand a much greater chance of living a more fulfilled life.

Tino Hernandez


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