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Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in time.

-Richard Meier-

Last week I wrote that I was working on a special project and oh boy was it special! I was fortunate enough to have spent the week in Rome, Italy.  While there I enjoyed the food, the people, and the culture. I took in the sights and sought the meaning in what I witnessed and experienced, and there was so much to experience.

What I came away with was that people are capable of creating so many beautiful and lasting things. When you visit Rome, you can’t help but experience the centuries old monuments, ruins, and layer upon layer of a centuries old civilization. A civilization with a rich history that dates back to a time before the birth of Christ.

Rome may be best known for the Colosseum and the gladiators who fought to their deaths there, and while that is the most often repeated story, it is not entirely true.

At the time that The Colosseum was built,  it was not called The Colosseum but the Amphitheatre. Gladiators did not fight to their death any more than today’s WWF Wrestlers fight to their death. While some Gladiators did die there, it was only after that Gladiator’s owner authorized the killing. Gladiators were an investment and not a cheap commodity to be thrown away without regard or second thought.

When you experience the Roman Colosseum, you can’t help but in awe of its size. How did mere mortals raise such an enormous structure? One stone at a time that’s how.

As we seek to make our own lives into something amazing, something we’ve only dreamed of, we should take a cue from the builders of the Roman Colosseum, a structure that can stand the tests of time takes patience, planning, and teamwork to establish.

Too often we travel through time and build our structure, our life, without a solid plan. We tend to move forward and react to circumstance only to find ourselves in a place where we did not intend to be, all the while wondering how we arrived.

Take a hint from the builders of one of the seven wonders of the world and become the architect of your own life, have a plan, be patient, and think grand!

If the Romans could build something that has endured through the ages, surely you can build a life that will leave its mark on your own world of influence.


Roman Forum

A part of the Roman Forum just outside of the Colosseum.


Tomorrow, one of Italy’s greatest game changers who invented the contraption you see below.

Tino Hernandez


Moisture Device

This device was invented in the 16th century by Italy’s greatest visionary.




I had to walk up 121 Stairs to find this cathedral in Rome Italy




The Duomo in Florance Italy



St Peter's Cathedral

A busy Afternoon in front of St. Peter’s Cathedral – The Vatican


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