Special Guest: Darth FREAKING Vader!


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The Bad Guy We All Love

Luke, I am your father.

-Darth Vader-

Is there a market for your idea? Well…let’s see.

Someone once sold Pet Rocks.  I just saw a book entitled The History of Farting and it’s sequel, The Future of Farting.  Ford once sold a car named after one of his sons, it was called the Edsel, it didn’t sell very well so that’s a poor example.  People buy baseballs gloves in the millions.  I’m sorry did I just diss the American Past time?


I can’t believe that I was jealous of my friends who had one of these.  I think that they’re all in rehab now.

Back in the late 70’s some guy came up with this idea of a space movie that started with the 3rd act and used cameras moving around little model spaceships to simulate movement.  He even went as far as giving the bad guy, and the good guy, swords made from some light source!  Then he had the gall to insult the movie-going public with a seven-foot tall hairy beast that couldn’t even speak in English even though the guy playing the seven-foot tall hairy beast was an English dude from England.  Go Figure.




Brilliantly done movie by the guy with the bad hair


When I was a kid there was a toy called the Etch a Sketch, which by the way is still sold today.  In my estimation, it is one of the most useless items you could buy a kid.  It was invented in 1960 and in its first year sold over 500,000 units!  Its purpose was to allow children to draw on a stupid little screen that looked like a tv.  It utilized two knobs to move some thing-a-ma-bob under the screen…and well that’s not really important because you needed an IQ of like 10,000 to draw anything.  Most of us could master our name and then the thing became a paperweight.



No way!  This has to have been superimposed onto this worthless piece of shit!


Today we have something called a Stress Spinner.  Seriously?  It’s a bearing race encased in plastic!  People and kids are spending their precious time spinning this little piece of shit between their fingers to relieve stress?  That in and of itself is stressing me out right now!  Give me my damn Etch a Sketch!

The point is that there’s a market for everything.  The point is that it’s Monday and I have no idea what I really want to write about and if you have read this far it just goes to prove that there’s a market for everything.  At least MetroFactor.net silliness is free right?

Remember the Alamo!

Remember the name of the guy who played the original Darth Vader but wasn’t allowed to speak because he didn’t sound the like the guy who did the voice of the original Darth Vader who didn’t land the actual role of Darth Vader because he was black?

I hope your Tuesday rocks!

Tino Hernandez

ATTENTION:  I’m sorry if I mislead you with the title of this post, Darth Vader isn’t really here.  The reason I’m adding this about 30 minutes after posting is that so many of you have been clicking through so quickly!  It’s a little surprising what dropping the name of the Dark Lord will do to a blog post on a Monday night.  I wonder what would happen if I told you that tomorrow my special guest is Yoda?

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