Are You Satisfied With Just Fitting In?


Garden as though you will live forever.

-William Kent-

Have I ever told you that I’m not fond of doing lawn and garden chores?  Seriously, not my cup of tea.  The problem I have here is that the previous owners of my home were retired and they loved lawn and garden work!  I have stuff growing that just keeps coming up every year!  Truth be told I have no idea if what I’m cultivating out there is friend or foe, weed or good deed.

Since I don’t want my neighbors to feel as though my home is going to devalue their’s, I make sure I give the grounds its due attention.  But I don’t have to like it right?  I spent the better part of five hours out there on Sunday, trimming, weeding, or de-flowering for all I know.  I cut the grass and bagged the clippings like a good neighbor should, I edged the walk, raked the debris, and used the blower to tidy everything up at the end.

You know what I realized?  The place looks like it’s easily worth another $20,000!  What a difference all of that cutting, trimming, and removing can make.  By the way, don’t get me wrong the place wasn’t in danger of being condemned,  it just needed some trimming here and there.

Now I’m going to state the obvious because that’s the nature of what I do here.  But life is that way, isn’t it?  Sometimes we painfully have to cut out what’s dead or overgrown to see the value behind that overgrowth.  Sometimes we have to muscle up and just yank those old weeds out of our life to make room for the new growth.

Not an easy task I’m sure, but if we can just take a deep breath, count 5-4-3-2-1 and boom!  It’s done and we can move on with life.  We then can find the time, the energy, the resources to devote ourselves to the pursuit of the things we’ve been putting off for too long.

Like my yard, it’s not like we’re in danger of being condemned by society because we’re an eyesore, but that’s the problem.  If we looked like the house in the picture above we’d be alarmed.  But we don’t, we’re comfortable, we’re ok, we fit in.

But is that all we want out of life?  To fit in?

Not sure where you are today but if you need to remove the junk, now’s the time.  If you’re tired of just fitting in, then make the needed changes that you know must occur.  Work, home, or play there are always things that we devote our time and efforts to that if removed, would make our lives better and would allow us to do more than just fit in.

Tino Hernandez

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