The Coworker We Secretly Hate


I was just going to say that!


I’m going to ask you a question about a particular type of person that you may have encountered at work, in social business type settings, or other business like organizations.

Do you know someone who exhibits multiple personalities in business?  That is to say, they’re a chameleon, always changing with every new idea presented, every new leader they must impress, every coworker they must attempt to out do.  They’re easily recognizable by the one catch phrase they most often use, “I was just going to say that.”

A disingenuous colleague can be challenging to work with.  We have no idea where they’re coming from or who they’ll toss under the bus next.  We lack trust in their ability to keep our confidence close to their chest.

A coworker who is tossed about by every change in the business environment because they’re looking to get ahead, or need constant affirmation, can literally drive one crazy!  How do you work with such a person?

What are we to do?

We can begin by examining ourselves, to ensure that we are not that person.  If you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I strongly advocate that we look internally first, to lay straight our own house before we attempt to fix others.

Are you steamrolling your colleagues with your constant attempts at getting attention, getting ahead, or getting away with murder?  Do you exhibit multiple personalities during the workday to ensure that you’re always being seen, heard, or served?

There’s a famous saying that I’m going to paraphrase that says, if the shoe fits then it’s time to own up to it and make some needed changes.

Give people room to be themselves, allow others to have a voice, keep your criticisms to yourself now and then, and realize that the company, the department, the team can survive the coming storms without you.

This is not to say that your presence and contributions are not necessary, only to help you realize that the world does not revolve around you and neither do we.

Tino Hernandez


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