What Will it Take to Get You To Quit?


The only failure is quitting, everything else is just gathering information.

-Jen Sinchero-

Our mind is a whole universe unto itself, who can understand it?  I was driving into work today while listening to Jen Sinchero read her book, You Are a Baddass.  I highly recommend the book to anyone looking to score big in life.  I heard Jen read that quote at the top of the post today and thought, why do we quit?

I believe that there are many reasons that we may throw in the towel, hang up our gloves, or simply head for the hills.

Maybe you didn’t want that success as much as you thought.  Maybe you do want success but just not from this particular endeavor.  Maybe, just maybe you think you’re outgunned, not as good as the other guy or gal, don’t have the same whatever as the new guy at work, their product is easier to sell than yours, or some other idea that’s telling you that you don’t measure up to others.

The mind is a tricky thing, my friend, you need to come to terms with it, or it’s going to sabotage your success.  I’ve been in some sort of management role for over 22 years now, and I have come to learn this one truth.  Everyone thinks that the other people are getting paid more, are more favored, are smarter, more talented, and on and on it goes.

We tend to dimish our own worth in light of what we “assume” others have that we don’t.  Stop doing that to yourself and just do your thing.  Don’t quit until you have tried everything there is to try and learned everything there is to learn.

I know, sometimes it feels like you’re the guy sitting on the branch that you’re about to saw through, my grandfather actually did that once, and if you are, who cares?  Like Jen said, it’s just a learning experience.  Get up, dust your sorry butt off and keep going.

One last thought.  Maybe you’ve been doing all of the right stuff to get ahead, but you still can’t seem to break the barrier that’s holding you back.  Maybe you’re reading all of the right books, reading this blog every day, and listening to all of the best podcasts, but nothing seems to be clicking.  That’s ok, keep doing what you’re doing.  At some point your brain will put it all together, your spirit will grow wings, and things will begin to happen.  Stop looking at everyone else and focus on what you’re doing.

Your homework, don’t quit, don’t stop, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Tino Hernandez

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