You’re Afraid To Dream, Aren’t You?



Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

-Henry David Thoreau-

Did you notice that I changed the tagline under the title?  It used to say, Tools For A better Life but I got to thinking about that and I wasn’t sure if that was quite right.  Then it came to me, Inspiring You To Dream Bigger!

I enjoy watching people succeed, I like it when I can help someone gain an advantage, or grab a foothold on their dream, and achieve.  It’s especially gratifying when they actually reach a goal.  That’s my thing, that’s what I do best, that’s my mission, and that’s why I write.

If any of these posts seem a bit personal, a bit like I may be talking to myself it’s because most of the time I am.  I’m coaching myself and sharing that with you in the hopes that we’ll both grow and stretch ourselves to reach our dreams.

Speaking of dreams, do you have one?  I don’t think that you do, or at least it’s not well defined, not written out, there’s no plan for achievement.  That’s not a dream…that’s a wish.  Wishes only come true in kids books and Pixar movies.  Maybe you think that I’m generalizing, but I think we’d see more successful people, fewer people hating what they do for a living if we all had real dreams we were really pursuing.

I can understand why your dreams are still in the “wish” stage because I have the same problem.   We’re afraid of our dream.  We have no idea what it looks like, feels like, what the cost will be, or what level of effort it will take to achieve.  What if I fail?  What if I succeed?

This blog has been a big part of my dream but taking it to the next level literally keeps me awake at night.  I’m not sure I can swing at that ball.  I know that what I have in mind can either launch this thing or put me smack dab back at square one, so I hesitate and the dream is still a wish.

Here for the first time, I am going to disclose what part two or three or whatever part I’m on in this journey is. Drum roll please…a live Event where all of you are invited to attend!  But what will we talk about?  How long should it be?  Will anyone show up?  What if everyone shows up?  Can I get a guest speaker?  Can I get someone good that you’d want to come out to see?  What if I bomb?  Why would anyone want to come?  Ugh!!!!!!

Will you help me out?  I need to dream bigger and take bigger action and I don’t know if I can do this without your assistance.  Listen, I may not be the best writer in the world, maybe my stories could use a little more sizzle, but I do care about you and I’m dying to share more with you.  So here goes…this is what I need from you.

If you think that meeting other people seeking personal growth is a good thing, if you’d like to meet me, if you’d like to listen to a worthwhile speaker motivate us all to dream bigger then please like this post, then share it with your friends.  If you’re really pumped up about the idea then you can also send me an email via the contact link at the top of this page.  Mobile users will have a drop down menu for selecting the contact page.

The reason I want you to like this and share this is that everyone can see like/share activity when they read the post.  This way we can motivate one another before I even plan an event!  It’s like casting a vote.

This Live Event would take place in the West or North West Suburbs of Chicago, so please keep that in mind when you vote with your like.

There it is…I’m FREAKING OUT now.  Seriously…like I’m losing my appetite freaking out! What the hell am I thinking?!?!?!?  I have no idea what I’m doing!  I have no training for this.  What if they say yes, what will I do then?  Dream Bigger I Guess!

Tino Hernandez

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