What Can We Learn From Killer Whales?


People who produce good results feel good about themselves.

-Ken Blanchard-


Have you had the privilege of reading Ken Blanchard’s book, Whale Done?  The premise of the book is that we as people, managers, parents, customers, etc. focus on the negative.  The book uses, as an illustration, the trained Killer Whales of SeaWorld.

These giant beasts are trained to perform by accentuating what it is that they do right, unlike most of us who only seem to accentuate the negative or what we do wrong.

As I made my way through the book I began to see that we have all failed one another, in the home, the workplace, and possibly any place where human interaction takes place. I know this seems like an overreaction but think about it.  A 2011 Gallup survey published in Forbes, states that some 70% of employees hate their job.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 3.3 million Americans suffer from depression.

I know that humans are far from perfect, but what can we do to better interact with one another in a spirit of cooperation, in a more supportive, and positive manner?  I believe that following the simple methods of leadership found in Blanchard’s book would make a huge difference in every home and workplace.

It really is a simple method of focusing on the positive attributes and abilities that we all display from time to time.  Again, no one is perfect.

But how do we achieve such a thing?  We begin by accentuating the positive in others and in ourselves.  It may not be the final answer, I’m sure that there are many other values, ideas, or methods that we can utilize, but the Whale Done methodology is a great start.

I highly recommend that you take the time to read Ken Blanchard’s Whale Done.  ©

Tino Hernandez


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