A Legacy of Hard Work

They were hardworking people.


Luck is great, but most of life is hard work.

-Iain Duncan Smith-


One hundred and twelve years ago a baby was born somewhere in South Texas, the second of two children. Not long into her childhood, she experienced the death of her mother.  Her father, feeling inadequate to care for the girls, gave them over to a distant family member. Margarita grew up without her parents, and as she grew she thought of the day that she would be on her own.

When Margarita turned 18, she married. She and her husband worked the small farm that they owned in South Texas. Often her husband would travel throughout the state looking for wild horses to tame and to sell. Margarita, along with her aging Father-in-law, worked the farm growing crops and raising all sorts of farm animals.

Margarita sold the goods from the farm and fed her family by storing and keeping the goods that they grew and raised. In time, her husband Antonio would find his way to the steel mills of Indiana’s North Eastern shores along Lake Michigan as they moved out of an agricultural life and into industrial work. By this time she and Antonio had birthed a large family of 6 having lost two children at a very young age.

Despite never having gone to school, never having learned to read or write, she worked as best she knew and fostered her entrepreneurial spirit. Margarita lived well into her 90’s, and throughout her life, she kept her hard-working spirit.

I can remember Margarita’s hard working spirit well. You see, Margarita was my Maternal Grandmother. I recall her frail old body working on her garden and woody areas around their home in the sweltering heat of South Texas.

Today we don’t sweat in the heat of the sun, and our hands do not hold the reins of a horse and the horn of a plow. Today we give our heart to those we manage, and we draw from our mind to create, to repair, and to improve.

My Grandparents left me a legacy of hard work and giving to those less fortunate. I hope to leave a legacy as my Grandmother did. A legacy of doing my best and always working my way to betterment. These days we are still responsible for our families, our homes, and our communities. Let’s all do our best to leave a legacy that leads our families to success.

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To my Grandmother Margarita and my Grandfather Antonio – I owe them my life.