Digging For Truth

Kids are so free!


It sounds so simple, but if you just be yourself, you’re different than anyone else.

-Tony Bennett-


I have to ask you a question.  It might seem to be a rather odd question, and you might wonder why on earth I would ask such a question, but here it goes – Have you ever seen a child pick his nose?  I’m talking about index finger up to the second knuckle kind of picking, maybe even with the palm extended out and away from the body.

What’s the first thing that a parent does when she witnesses her precious child digging deeper than a gold miner on a hot rush?  Stop picking your nose!  That’s gross, that’s dirty, etc.

But there’s a question that we’re forgetting to ask here.  Why is the child picking his nose?  Answer: Because there’s something in there that just has to come out!  Maybe it’s obstructing his breathing, or perhaps it’s causing discomfort.

Now in case you’re thinking that I’m giving you license to clear any obstruction in your nose whenever you feel the need, don’t go getting ahead of me just yet.  I mean, sure it’s your right to do with your finger whatever it is you wish to do but rest assured that society as a whole might look down on such an exercise.

Children don’t suffer from such societal roadblocks.  They’re simply free to be themselves no matter what society says.  Society is willing to smile and look the other way when a child removes those little boogies.

So what’s my point?  Why is it that we adults allow each other so little liberty to be ourselves?  Lighten up my little former nose picker!  Maybe it isn’t nose picking that annoys you but tales from soccer moms, stories told by the elderly, your roommates love of British comedy, your uncles corny jokes, your co-workers poorly performed magic tricks.  The point is that we’re all different and looking to express ourselves, but all we do is stifle one another.

I think that it was Christ that told a women’s accusers; “he who is without this sin, let him cast the first stone.”  In other words, when you’re perfect you can then be the model for humanity, until then let’s just learn to enjoy one another’s craziness and occasional nose picking.  Can someone get me a Kleenex…NOW!!!

Tino Hernandez

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Kleenex is the tradmark name for those little soft disposable towlets that we adults can’t live without but kids have no need of!