Who​ Can You Impact in a Minute?

One thing’s for sure, if we’re not saying or sharing something positive then we’re wasting the treasures that we receive…


In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.

-Les Brown-

Have you ever been barreling down the road at breakneck speed when you suddenly realize that your brakes have failed because your brake line has been damaged?  Yeah, me neither, but I did come close!

Last Wednesday I pulled out of my garage, and my brake pedal went straight to the floor.  I managed to stop my car, put it into park, then walked out to take a look underneath.  What I saw startled me, brake fluid all over the wheel and on the garage floor.  For a moment I thought of that scenario where I’m barreling down the road at breakneck speed only to realize I have no brakes!

I managed to get the car to a shop just a few blocks from my home, and $480 later I’m all safe and protected.  Everything is working fine, disaster averted, and $480 poorer.

Last week I wrote a post called, People – What Can We Learn From Them?  I received a note from one of our readers that said, “Tino, this was just in time for me.”

Like my brakes, this comment was a total surprise.  It was something so unexpected that it too caused me to see what could have been.  What that post meant to this reader I don’t know because that is the reader’s business.  We’re all an island unto ourselves, but then again we aren’t.  We’re all interconnected whether we realize it, care to admit it, or care to believe it.

Things happen in life, and we don’t always know why.  Things happen so suddenly that they take us by complete surprise – like your brakes going out.  Some people find a way to stop before they go crazy, lose everything, hurt someone, or just give up.

My brakes going out taught me the value of that little parking brake handle that sits between the two front seats.  That note from a reader showed me the value of this blog.  There’s a good many of you out there who read daily, and for that I thank you.  But are you sharing these posts?  Look, I know I’m no Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey, but what’s written here could be someone’s lifeline, even if it’s just for the day, isn’t it worth sharing?  Just in case?

There is no money being made here, no advertising to get in the way, and no sales pitches.  It’s just life, pure and simple.  Who knows what surprises have befallen someone that we know.  The frightening part is that the person who most needs to read this may never even see it if we don’t share it.  If you don’t want to share it then I suggest you write a blog of your own and at least share that.

We may never know who’s life we fail impact because we refuse click the share button, we think that everyone else has it made and that we’re the only ones who may be suffering in silence.  But maybe we’re all suffering in silence because we’re not willing to say or even share something positive. One thing’s for sure; if we’re not saying or sharing something positive, then we’re wasting the treasures that we have received and that can’t be a good thing.


Tino Hernandez

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