Get in the Groove!

In the zone is great!


You can always tell when the groove is working or not.


Have you ever been, “in the groove?”  I’m not sure where that saying came from, but it’s when you’re “in the zone.”

I was out at Sam Ash Music this weekend when I came across a beautiful Taylor guitar that I just had to play.  I’ve always been a Martin Guitar guy, but when I laid hands on this Taylor 224 CE-K DLX and began to pick a few of my usual tunes, I realized that this instrument was able to behave exactly like I expected my instrument to behave.  I played it for almost an hour right there in the Sam Ash guitar room.

This instrument made finding the groove almost effortless.  It’s like it became the yellow brick road to guitar greatness!  Keep in mind that it did not fill my brain with beforehand unknown guitar technique or ability, but it was able to translate everything I was doing into something I had never experienced.

Ever feel stuck?  You know, life, job, school, hobby?  Sometimes you have to change your instrument in order for the real you to come shining through.  This is easier said than done, right?  Here’s what I did in order to change my instrument.

I took every guitar I owned and traded it in for the Taylor guitar.  I’ve been playing it for hours with a renewed sense of accomplishment and excitement.  I think we need to translate this into everyday life.

Ok, so trading a few guitars in for one better guitar is probably easier than trading up your life – I get it.  But how can you bring some newness to your situation?  Maybe a different outlook, attitude, a new office if possible, change your hours, go out on a date night, paint the car with a paintbrush, read a book for God’s sake.  I’m afraid that you’re going to have to put some thought into it, but I’m almost sure that making a needed change will help you get back in your groove.

Find a way to make your life fresh again, find the enthusiasm you once had by finding ways to add newness and sparkle to your situation.  Life’s too short to keep playing the music that we know on an instrument that cannot do it the justice it deserves.


Tino Hernandez

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