We Need More Heros

It’s out there waiting for you to reach for it!


Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.

-Bob Riley-

Are you the hero in your own life?  We’ve all seen it before.  The hero in the film is being pursued, beaten, and is hanging on the cliffside by her fingernails, albeit very nice and manicured fingernails, and somewhere deep inside, she knows that this is the moment of decision.  This is the moment that will change the course of all of humanity.  She looks all around and makes her final decision and jumps into what we know are impossible odds, and certain death!  Then, to our surprise and amazement, she pulls it off by mere inches, gets her footing, then returns to vanquish the enemy and save all of humankind.

Sometimes life is just like that.  You’re on your last nerve, ready to give up, feeling like there’s no way out, nowhere to go.  But you don’t give up, and then it appears, the last great hope for your survival, you take a deep breath and throw yourself into the great unknown. Then by mere inches, you save yourself.  That’s our human nature, my friend.  If you’ve reached the end, don’t despair because you’re about to pull off something great!  Just don’t give up.  Keep looking for that next great thing.  It’s out there waiting for you to reach for it!


Tino Hernandez

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