Meet The Future You

It all begins with what we do…habitually.


The starting point of all achievement is the desire.

-Napoleon Hill-

Want a different future? I once read; “people don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” Your habits have put you where you are today, those things you do even without thought. Things you do with friends, family, at work, at play, and also on your own.

Want a different future? Change your habits. Turn off the TV and read, listen to podcasts, take a course on entrepreneurship, find a mentor, find a coach, stop saying that you can’t, push past the fear, the doubt, and the insecurities.

Changing habits is going to require you to think, but what will you think about? Think about what you’re good at, what you’re grateful for, and what your new future will look like.  Think of these things because they make you feel passionate about achieving, learning, and becoming them.

Changing your habits will require you to push yourself, it will require commitment, and I can tell you first hand that you will struggle with these. You’ll want to quit, and you’ll have all the right reasons to do just that unless you have a great “why”.

The “why” are all of the passion-filled reasons that you have to want to change who you are, your life, and your future.  Write these things down, find pictures that represent them and put them on a sheet of paper and look at them every day.

Make it a new habit to do something good for someone each day, and not just for the people you are expected to be good to.

Make it a habit to be positive no matter what.

Change your habits – Change your future.


Tino Hernandez


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